Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be careful when you say harsh words to someone

Good morning and Happy Thursday to all my wonderful bloggers.

Over the past few weeks in Florida it has dipped into the mid to low 40's in temperature. This has got to be the coldest winter I can remember. While it is much colder elsewhere, for South Florida this is cold!!!!!!

At this time I would like to remind all of you to keep many of the families who lost loved ones in Haiti and Chili in your thoughts and prayers. Loosing a loved one, as many of us already know, can be devastating. Especially when it is unexpected. One never has closure loosing someone so quickly. No goodbye's, no I'm sorry's. Which brings me to the topic of choice today, and that is "Be careful when you say harsh words to someone because you can never take them back should they die before you ever see them again. Imagine the guilt one would feel should that happen.

I don't mean to bring up a depressing topic, but sit back and think about whether this has ever happened to you. My only suggestion to resolve some of the pain one feels during this kind of situation is to pray. Pray for the one you lost suddenly and were unable to say goodbye or I love you ever again. Trust me they will hear it as they would want us all to go on and live our lives to the fullest.

At this time, if you can, sit back and take a moment of silence for all the families sufferring in Haiti and Chili.

I thank you to all my bloggers who visit Cindy's Talk. I will be sure to return the favor as well by visiting all your blogs.

God Bless,

Cindy Papale

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