Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Glorious Day!

Hi all, Here I am again, another gloris day, however freezing. South Florida hopefully will be warming up soon. It was 43 degrees outside this morning. Farmers are worried about their crops freezing limiting our future OJ. (orange juice for those that need to know that it is orange juice and not OJ Simpson LOL)

American Idol is on AGAIN tonight. It's a two hour special, and can you believe Simon Cowell is leaving the show. Oh boy, I need to get a life! However, Ellen DeGeneres is going to be on the show this season. It should be interesting how she interacts with Simon. It's only for one season,gosh, hope it will be fun? Let's see how they both interact on Ellen's first season. I also was told that the show is fixed. (LOL)

Life is rather exciting right now. I am looking forward to continuing writing my movie screen play and second book. I love writing and blogging helps me get into the mood. I am looking forward to a net working conference this Saturday, January 16th at the Signature Grand. I'm also having a book signing on Sat, Jan 23 where I will be speaking on spiritual matters. This event will be filmed for a possible HBO series. I will let everyone know of course.

Wishing everyone a great day, and I promise my blog will get more interesting! Cindy

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